Quack Snacks on location in Buxton with BBC Inside Out

Quack Snacks with BBC Inside OUt

We’ve been testing alternatives to bread for ducks with Mike Dilger in Buxton.

Did the ducks prefer porridge oats, peas, lettuce, bird seed or Quack Snacks?

Find out on BBC Inside Out across the Midlands in the New Year!

Update 09/03/20: BBC Inside Out – 9th March 2020

“These pellets, undoubtedly the winner….the birds are loving them”

Best food for ducks – conclusion
Best food for ducks – full test

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Due to popular demand: the six pack is back!

Swan & Duck Food Floating Pellets - Quack Snacks 6 Pack

We’ve had many requests for the return of our original six pack box of Quack Snacks – with each message detailing how folk like using them as Christmas gifts and stocking fillers.

So we’re pleased to announce that the six pack is back, exclusively for the time being via our own online duck food shop >

Many thanks to all those who contacted us – we hope you all have merry quacking adventures!

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Quack Snacks on Amazon: the Visa Credit Card issue

In the news today is an apparent squabble between Amazon and Visa that may see customers unable to use UK Visa credit cards on Amazon in the New Year.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of that squabble, it could affect many of our wonderful customers who order Quack Snacks via Amazon.

So we’d just like to let you all know, if you’d like to buy Quack Snacks with your Visa credit card and it turns out that Amazon will no longer accept it – you can still pay with your flexible friend via our own online duck food shop here: https://www.quacksnacks.com/duck-food/

Visa Credit Card

Feeding the ducks in winter

Feeding the ducks in winter

We’d like to raise our wooly hats to all those super folk who brave the weather to go and feed the ducks during the winter.

It’s somewhat unfortunate that many more folk prefer the relative warmth of spring and summer to go and feed the ducks, when that is likely to be the time of year when ducks already have the most abundant natural sources of food.

Feeding the ducks in winter 2

So here’s to all you winter duck feeders, braving the cold, ice, snow and rain – we salute you! And the ducks will likely be very happy to see you!

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Feeding the ducks at Trittiford Mill Park, Birmingham

One of our favourite everyday outings is to grab a coffee at the Sarehole Mill community shop and head out along the green corridor of pathways along the River Cole towards Trittiford Mill Park.

Once the site of another of Birmingham’s water mills, the mill pool does at least still exist and is home to a variety of swans, ducks and geese. Thankfully signs have been erected asking people to not feed the ducks with bread – if you’re looking for alternatives, please see what to feed ducks here >

On the return journey, we also heartily recommend trying out the pizzas at Sarehole Mill!

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