The Quack Snacks Story

We’re a small team who love going to feed the ducks and want to help others to feed wild ducks responsibly too.

We used to have normal everyday jobs until the discovery of a bread-based mess in a local park changed everything.

People had taken to dumping carrier bags full of bread in and around the duck pond, despite the newly-erected signs that banned feeding any of the waterfowl.

With the age old joy of feeding the ducks under threat if people couldn’t do it responsibly, we decided that something had to be done about it!

Our research indicated that a bread-heavy diet really could be harmful to waterfowl and that feeding in moderation is equally as important as offering more nutritious foodstuffs – lots of people offering lots of things can still create a mess, particularly in popular duck feeding spots.

Alas, some of the commonly suggested foods to offer ducks didn’t really go down well with the ones we visited. You might not believe a duck could give you a “What do you call this?!” look, until you’ve watched it look at your peas sinking into the watery abyss uneaten.

This all lead to the creation of Quack Snacks portion packs of floating swan and duck food pellets.

Quack Snacks are formulated with vitamins and minerals to benefit the ducks, whilst floating for long enough for you to enjoy watching the ducks eat them. The portion packs also help you to avoid overfeeding – once each pack is done, it’s time to move on and find some more ducks.

So many of you have now joined our mission to feed wild ducks responsibly that we have left our normal jobs to do this full time.

We’ve had a whirlwind few years where we’ve travelled around the country visiting wonderful duck feeding spots, tested food for ducks on television, been featured in the Financial Times and even had a question written about us for ITV’s gameshow The Chase.

However, we’re still the same folk who started it all in 2017 – a small team of people who enjoy feeding the ducks and want to help others do so responsibly too.

Happy Quacking

Andrew @ Quack Snacks

A photo of Mike Dilger with Andrew from Quack Snacks
Andrew testing Quack Snacks with Mike Dilger (l) for BBC Inside Out

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