The Quack Snacks Story

We’re a small team who love going to feed the ducks and want to help others to feed wild ducks responsibly too.

On a lunchtime walk back in 2017, I found the park I’d enjoyed as a child to be a mess of dumped bread – a situation that contributed to the local council banning duck feeding in the park.

Shocked at how the age old joy of going to feed the ducks could be taken away if people didn’t do it responsibly, the Quack Snacks website was created to share information about how to do better by our feathered quacking friends.

Feeding wild ducks responsibly isn’t just about feeding them more nutritious foods, it’s about not overfeeding them, not creating a mess and not littering with plastic or other waste.

Having not enjoyed a great deal of success with some of the healthier food suggestions and wishing there was something as convenient for folk as the omnipresent bread, I decided something had to be done – which is how Quack Snacks portion packs of wild duck food came into being.

Although now a business, the primary aim is still the welfare of our feathered quacking friends and the wider environment. We actively encourage you to NOT use too much of our product and we don’t sell duck food in giant packs, because that may encourage over-feeding.

We also don’t use plastic packaging – not even plastic sticky tape – so used packs and boxes can be placed with household paper recycling collections.

Plus, we’ll still happily point you in the direction of bread alternatives that you may have around the house, because there’s simply no reason to offer ducks things that really aren’t good for them – they deserve better!

So when you’re next off to feed the ducks, please try to do so responsibly, so that happy quacking times can be had by all into the future.

Andrew @ Quack Snacks

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