Quack Snacks Reviews

“These pellets, undoubtedly the winner….the birds are loving them” Mike Dilger, BBC Inside Out – March 2020

“I now always keep a packet of quack snacks in my bag and more in the car. We have put them in party bags and sent them on school trips!” RJ321 – July 2022

“These are perfect for feeding the Swans and Ducks at our local park. They float which is perfect, I can see they are eaten by the birds rather than sinking and forgotten. Must order more as we so enjoy the pleasure the birds have eating these delights. Highly recommended to bring smiles all round.” E Barnes – June 2022

Perfectly packaged into portions. Both the ducks and geese wolf it down. Stays afloat perfectly but it’s never on the water long enough as the ducks and geese have very healthy appetites.
Petra – June 2021

“All the waterbirds love this food, and wild fish have been known to help themselves to it too! The packets are very convenient to carry, and make it easy to keep track of how much has been fed. It’s great to know it’s so healthy for the birds.” Tink – June 2021

“My little 2 year old granddaughter loves to feed the ducks, geese and swans in our local park. We want to nourish them properly, and Quack Snacks are the best food to give them. Packed in little bags, they are east to pop in your pocket for a trip out. Very happy with product and really quick delivery. Thank you.” Rooster – May 2021

“Love quack snacks, my local ducks go mad for these.” Helen D – April 2021

“Second box I’ve purchased – so easy to grab a bag on your way out the door to feed the ducks. No waste or over-feeding and plastic free packaging. Win, win, win.”
March 2021

We’ve known for years that bread is absolutely horrible for ducks as it has no nutritional value for them and also pollutes the water when it rots. We looked for alternatives and this definitely the best one. Our local wildfowl and gulls absolutely adore this food! The small packets make sure we don’t overfeed and they fit easily into a pocket. Really can’t recommend this stuff enough!
Katy – March 2021

“The ducks go mad for these. Much healthier for them than bread and more convenient to just leave in your bag for unplanned emergency duck-feeding!”
MelKimBrowm – January 2021

“Since I discovered ‘quack snacks’ a few months ago I have made sure I always have some with me when out on my daily walk. Ducks, swans and geese absolutely LOVE these, literally running to get their share especially since the weather has been so cold. I love that the packaging is eco friendly and these snacks float. Sometimes the ducks are confused if they’ve never tried a Quack Snack before but as soon as they try one they can’t get enough of them!”
Beth – February 2021

“Great to take on walks. Such cute little bags and plenty of food in each. Ducks and swans loved them!”
Kirstin – Novemeber 2019

“A little goes a long way. We have ponds near our home which my son loves visiting, we know not to feed them bread and were getting fed up paying £1 for duck food from the shop near by for barely a handful. These little packets are brilliant, good nourishment and environmentally friendly. They don’t look like a lot but because they are pellets a little goes a long way.”
Angie – August 2019

“This food proved very popular with the ducks. The pack size was just right for my 2 year old as there was enough to feed them for a while but not too much for him to get bored. Great stuff and would recommend to buy again.”
Mr Holland – July 2019

“Ideal size for my grandchildren to dispense, ducks go Quakers for them.”
Robin – 19 July 2019

“Great for popping in your bag or baby’s change bag on the way to the park. It floats so none is lost.”
Sue – 12 July 2018

“The ducks love them. They swam away from people feeding bread to get this treat.”
Charlotte – 30 July 2018

“Brilliant product. I’ve become very popular with the ducks and moorhens on the canal up the road from where I live.”
Denise – 18 May 2019

“Fabulous for little hands, great for the ducks. We tried lettuce but the ducks were not impressed! These little bags of pellets are ideal, I keep them in the car and whenever we pass the pond we have suitable food that the ducks love that won’t harm them.”
Amanda – 22 November 2018

“The ducks absolutely love this stuff! It’s so easy for little hands and much better for the ducks than bread. Easy to keep in our change bag, so we always have some when we see some ducks!”

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