The terrible truth about rain being “good weather for ducks”

Rain Good Weather For Ducks

On a rainy day, you’ll often hear someone proclaiming that it’s “good weather for ducks”.

You may hope this means that although we’re getting a soaking when out and about, at least our feathered quacking friends are having a good time.

Unfortunately the origin of the expression is actually terrible news for ducks.

Many people who enjoy hunting and shooting ducks regard a little rain as ideal hunting conditions – it masks the hunter’s presence a little more than dry conditions, hence rain is “good for ducks” if you’re a hunter. We’ve had the misfortune of browsing duck hunter websites when researching this expression and really don’t want to provide links to those website for you!

A £300k research project carried out in 2009 identified that ducks actually preferred being under a shower of water than having access to a pool of water. Alas, the research was for duck farmers, so it’s still no reason to be happily quacking in the rain.

However, our feathered quacking friends come equipped with a fine feathered raincoat, so they’re at least well prepared for rain, even if we can’t be sure they’re loving it. Rain to ducks really is just “like water off a duck’s back”.

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